The most important aspect of our business is our customers. Our goal is to continue providing unequaled service and support!

in-service and EQUIPMENT training!

We provide in service training for all office personnel

Fast Response = Less Down Time.

Software updates provided remotely so there is less down time for testing

Highly Skilled
Service Technicians!

Skilled technicians provide training and installation for your medical equipment

Our Commitment!

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In Service and Equipment Training!

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Fast Response = Less Down Time.

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Highly Skilled Service Technicians!

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We utilize US based customer support centers through direct partnerships to provide superior customer support and service.


Changes in technology are creating new opportunities. Office Staff and Physicians can take advantage of these advances and the customer care improvements they bring. With our approach, you can bring it all together to benefit the organization. We properly train your staff to run the sophisticated new technology they will be responsible for.

equipment installation

We specialize in the installation of Diagnostic Systems that Analyze Nephropathy and Cardio Vascular Dysfunctions


Reliability in action. Every phase of the sales funnel, from initial customer interactions to attracting repeat business, we achieve a reputation for reliability by consistently delivering exceptional service every time with every customer.


CCM Services specializes in the installation and maintenance of Diagnostic equipment designed to detect Neuropathy and Cardiovascular Dysfunctions. We install this equipment nationwide and we train the healthcare provider's staff to administer these tests. We provide these services directly to physicians and on behalf of Diagnostic Partners who have teamed up with Site Partners to provide this innovative technology to their patient base. CCMS's full-service model also provides monthly servicing, including disposables and utilization verification, assistance with warranty claims, and identification of Site Partners who want to offer these valuable testing options to their patients.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction and our determination to fulfill the needs of healthcare providers, makes us the Professional Leaders in the medical equipment service industry. Get in touch ›


In short:

  • All of our service technicians have extensive training and                 hands-on experience

  • Training and educational in-services for departmental staff

  • Helpful team ready to assist you!


In addition to equipment installations and training, we provide Diagnostic Partners with a range of additional value-added services including monthly utilization reporting and customer support.


CCMS provides expert installers to assist in the placement of the new equipment, while educating the staff on the utilization of the tests. CCMS provides a service representative to assist in you in customer support questions or concerns.


Equipment de-installation and removal of medical equipment if the equipment is not meeting expectations. CCMS also provides re-training of the staff for existing or new locations if required.

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